When the going gets tough the tough have to re-brand…

I’ve been in hiatus for some weeks working on the DSP platform at my new company and working with a dedicated team building a DSP start-up in Asia with us all in different TZ is hard but its getting very interesting and we’ve got excellent momentum. So time has been a commodity.

I’m going to focus on Yellow Pages. In the UK; its a directory and website for local users but most people tend not to use the big Yellow book anymore for information search.  Enter in the discovery of the WWW by Sir Tim Berners-Lee; yes a Brit discovered it whilst at that not-so-secret placed called Cern; anyway with the internet at the touch of a button we are used to up to the minute information that is SEM and SEO friendly and out goes the big yellow book.

So what does Yellow Pages do now? Its in the same position as the newspapers where it has to actually innovate to stay in the game. Today is an age where success alone and the recipe from yester-year cannot last forever; you have to innovate just that much to make your place in the commercial world.

Yellow Pages re-brands and is now the ‘ Local Search Association’ – smart it brings community and search together in a meaningful way.

Meet the “Local Search Association,” the new branded image of the YPA.

‘Embracing local search and mobile technologies to an entirely new degree, the YPA is lifting the curtain on its new visual identity in order to “reflect the industry’s transition from print publisher to a provider of local search services to small businesses and their consumers.”

According to the organization, while better than 60% of US adults still use the printed version of the Yellow Pages directories, the Internet and, in particular, the mobile web are drastically cutting into that percentage. As a result, the YPA thinks the time has come for a re-focusing of sorts that presents the Yellow Pages as a readily available online local search tool.’

Taken from:


They are not the only ones we have seen a host of smaller companies and start-ups now becoming more localised and concentrating on the community effect – its all about raising the eCPM for the SME business – which cumulatively is a large niche market.

Asia is already pouncing with a wealth of startups that are adding their small level of innovation into the mobile; ad-network or SEM business to localise and start serving the community business aspect and its slowly evolving and looks to help innovate the market further.

It would be interesting to see how soon the APAC VC market ripens; for now its just starting to look really really interesting.


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