Mobile Advertising Market in Asia is ramping up

Sitting in Asia I get to hear, see and feel where the market is going and the stats indicate the same feeling.

Its getting hot in here…no not the Nelly song but the feeling of mobile ad domination in APAC.

Admob through Google published the below:

and it’s not only very valid but indicates that:

Three countries – India (26%), South Korea (13%) and Japan (12%) – accounted for just more than half of ad requests from Asia in December 2010. Five countries in Asia – South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore and Thailand – had growth rates of more than 1000% in 2010.

Of course this information is purely from their own network of inventory but given that Admob is the largest player in the space I’d say its a more than fair indicator of what is transpiring. We all know 2011 will be the year of mobile explosion in advertising; its been predicted time and time again but what is interesting is that the Advertisers are pushing the agencies to ensure that mobile is part of their ad campaign.

Sitting from Singapore I’ve had numerous conversations on what that exactly means; is it merely to show that mobile is a tick box where advertisers can say yes we’ve included it in the media plan to their CMO or is it being recognised in Asia as a much needed medium of targeting.

Well its a practice combination of both at the moment but what is interesting is to see if from the point of the country I reside in. Residents in Singapore are more and more engaged with their hardware outside of the home; from carrying ipads onto buses to checking latest football scores from the EPL on their phones. Being born and bred British I know for a fact that its very unlikely to see iPad owners out with their ipads from fear of theft but here in Asia its safe (or at least in Singapore) and seen as an image builder to have the latest gadgets.

So Singapore is seeing advertising budgets being cannabalised and split across different types of advertising mediums although mobile adoption is relatively low among advertisers in APAC generally its being addressed by mobile companies moving out to APAC namely Singapore to set up their APAC HQ’s. Just recently 2 have moved out here with another larger mobile company interviewing for talent. These are large companies with VC funding in their millions so it’s not hard to see the knock on effect in the next few years.

The level of interaction here between mobile users and ads is also very interesting; especially in areas of entertainment. So movies, games and events have very high CTR and with more and more campaigns becoming interactive and creative; the level of engagement will only increase.

OutThere media just recently announced their global marketplace model across Asia and Europe which brings together the mobile carriers and advertisers under a common platform; much like RightMedia did with display advertising. It reaches over 500M subscribers across Europe and Asia and is poised to push the mobile market even further by making advertising more relevant through its marketplace model.

Even Australians seem to be happy to see mobile advertising on their handsets; in research conducted between Inmobi and Comscore approx 75% were comfortable with such advertising:

Interestingly electronics and entertainment was also top category choices for these Australians who were interviewed.

It’s clear to see with marketplace tools across mobile, display and search. Advertising is going to become more relevant, more engaging and more targeted to user habits but it’s also going to compete for engagement across all the other types of advertising to hit the golden ROI; all advertisers seek. Its going to end up as one big marketplace where trades are made based on the single most important factor of all; ROI.



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