offline optimisation? Airports?

Anyone in advertising especially online advertising will know how important the word ‘optimisation’ is now and how it coupled with BT is now changing the face of online advertising. Recently I  was talking to former colleague about his role of  managing Airport advertising and how brand is so necessary in determining purchases at airports. I argued that it was like the new film the Joneses where people identified their wants and needs through lifestyle and not necessarily the advertising. Well it seems that out-of-Home media specialist EYE is using the latest technology called neuro imagery to focus on advertising airport effectiveness.

Extracted from below url:

‘Neuro-Insight Pty Ltd, with operations in Australia, Germany, the UK and the US, has been commissioned to carry out EYE’s studies, which will kick off in Australian shopping centres later this month. The study will then roll out across a series of UK airports in the last quarter of the year with further international studies planned in 2011.’

It seems that the multitude of online optimisation and ROI effectiveness platforms have encouraged and indeed raised the stakes with offline advertising, and the blur between brand and performance is diluting further.


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