Omnicom swaps committed ad dollars for tech consultancy from Google

Google and Omincom team up for Trading Desk


Google announced their Omnicom partnership where Omnicom becomes an aggregated advertiser for Google display ads. Both will work to build global trading desk (bespoke DSP?) in order to leverage DC AdX. Both are already working but this further strengthens the relationship and Google will build analytics toolkit for them. Partnership is not exclusive to either side. This is a simple exchange of committed spend with Google for technology service from Google.


  • With Invite Media – Google can build a trading desk that plugs in seamlessly into Invite or their DC AdX and builds a trading desk that may not be truly agnostic of inventory selection.
  • Committed spend with Google and its AdX makes it very powerful for Google to ascertain new large and key publishers as the demand is secured
  • It ushers in an era of consultative servicing of media – and plays a danger of media distributors influencing the way media is sold – essentially driving performance inventory further along into the marketplace.Questions the premise that Omnicom is earning free consultancy from client dollar spend which may not be in the best interests of the clients.



About adsolver

Ad-exchange expert with Rightmedia and Yahoo. Strategist on the evolution and ecology of the international display digital platform. Specialties: Evanglising Glocal digital marketing with outstanding experiences in Ad Exchanges, Behavioural Targeting, eCommerce, Multivariate Testing and data mashing. Have worked previously in the following industries: Internet ebusiness solutions multivariate testing Oil and Gas experience and Renewable Energy White-labelling Travel websites Telecommunications Advertising Exchanges
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