My TenCent worth?

Tencent Holdings Limited – for those in the know is one company to keep the proverbial eye on.

TenCent is huge – TechCrunch values it as the third largest internet companies in the world by market cap. TenCent has over 400m active users and those in the know are aware it holds a recent 10% stake in Zynga and Facebook.  Most users of Tencent use its IM product QQ. Check below for its growth development over the years:

TenCent is monetising by selling virtual goods for its avatars and is generating key revenue from the sale of its games. It’s giving Baidu a run for its money in terms of its search product but its early days in terms of threat levels. But, the world of advertising is spinning on the heels of display advertising and TenCent is ahead of the curve there.

TenCent is developing many products and features; some say it’s aiming to come into the market as a DSP! One thing is for sure – TenCent has a good management team, a treasure trove of money for acquisitions galore. Key investments; Digital Sky Technologies, Riot Games, Outspark etc.

China Mobile is rumored to be interested in buying TenCent – so it’s very much on national radar.

The world of advertising is become more and more interested in what the East is doing. TenCent could very much move the needle in APAC and in theory we would leapfrog the ad-exchange model and move into DSPs……


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